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1. Introduction

(a) Problem being addressed
People are depleting natural resources and land spaces unnecessarily to produce their food supplies. 
(b) Goals
Our Goals are to use ways to improve our current society with the means of maintaining our natural resources by developing a solar-powered hydroponics.

(c) Specify Requirements
  1. Rearing fish (tilapia) to produce nutrients for plants
  2. Using sunlight to produce electricity for pump.
  3. Producing fish and plants using the aquaponics system
  4. (plant & fishes can grow bigger)

(d) 3 possible Solutions

Solution 1:
- Use solar panels
- Lights will turn on at night for the plants to continue to make food
- Single area to put plants and animals separately.

Solution Two:
- Double Layer
- Top Two containers are for vegetations
- Bottom Container is for fishes
- Pipe connecting downwards to allow water to circulate

Solution 3:
- The containers use gravity to let water flow from one container to another
- Only one pump is required
- There are plentiful spaces to grow plants

( e) Choice and rationale for choice
  Suggested factors for consideration:

Critical Thinking question
Is the weight suitable?
Is the size suitable?
Cost to produce
Do you have the financial support to produce it?
Is the solution simple, clever, or ingenious?
Is the solution sturdy, resilient, and unlikely to fail?
Is the solution tasteful and pleasing to look at?
Resources (pump strength)
Do you have or can you get the materials you need?
Do have time to make the solution and debug it?
Skill Required
Do you have the skills to make the solution?
Is the solution safe to build, use, store, and dispose of?
Ease of use
Is the device easy to use?
Environmental Impact
Does the device in anyway, have a negative impact on the environment?

Based on the decision matrix, we have decided that Solution 1 (Below) 
is our preferred choice.

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