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Development of Solar Powered Aquaponics
Valerie Leo En Qi, Lim Jia Hui, Low Ping Yi
We have not enough resources to last us forever, so we must find a way to reduce our usage of it. Now, more people are switching over to grow their own food and love to keep pets at home. Not only does it takes up a lot of time, space, water and money. However, aquaponics minimizes the usage of these resources.

The problem can be solved by conserving space using hydroponics farming as it contributes to the ecosystem and also can rear crops, saving time and resources like soil as they are limited.The ammonia (NH3) produced by the fish is converted into nitrate (NO4-) and it provides nutrients for the plant to survive. By using a bell siphon, the amount of energy powered by electricity is reduced and people can both rear the plants and fish for eating, conserving resources.

We can learn new things like, plants and fish can grow together without soil, solar panels can be used as another source of energy unlike using plugs, bell siphon is an important part of the  aquaponics system

Our team decided to develop a solar-powered aquaponics. The solar power is used to charge the LED lights. Most Aquaponic-grown vegetations are healthier than the ones found in the supermarkets .

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